Loan Services & Applications

We’ve got you covered with a variety of loan options. Get started on your online loan application today.

Mortgage Loans

 Home sweet home just got sweeter. Apply today for your mortgage.

First Mortgage

We offer competitive rates on homes and have a designated mortgage loan officer on staff to walk you through purchasing that dream home.

1st Time Home Buyer 

The thought of buying your own home can be a little stressful – and even downright scary. But we take the edge off with a variety of mortgage options designed just for first-time buyers like you.

Home Equity Lines & Second Mortgages

Want to remodel? Build a pool? Pay for college? Take a dream vacation? We have home equity options that could provide the funds. Choose from a fixed-rate home equity or a line of credit with a rate tied to prime. And the best part is, the interest you pay on that loan may be tax deductible*.

Unimproved Property

So you found the perfect piece of land to call home? Our Unimproved Property Loan helps you buy that beautiful spot on the lake, or, wherever your ideal place is.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Life takes you in some crazy directions, and our Adjustable Rate Mortgage is along for the ride. Rates adapt to match your life, wherever it leads.  

*Carolina Foothills does not give tax advice. Consult a tax advisor for deductibility options based on your individual situation.

Auto Loans

New or pre-owned, we are right there with a range of financing options that fit your budget. We even work with CUDL – Credit Union Direct Lending – so that you can sign and drive your vehicle right from the dealership. 

CFFCU Car Loans

Make CFFCU your first stop for a car loan. We’ll get you in the vehicle you want with a monthly payment you can afford. If you refinance your auto loan from another financial institution to Carolina Foothills we will lower your current payment and put money back in your pocket!***

Automobile Warranty Service

Compare the cost and benefits of our credit union warranty with those available at the dealer. Standard “bumper-to-bumper” and “0” deductible options are also available.

GAP Insurance – Guaranteed Auto Protection

GAP covers the deficiency balance on a loan when the security is declared a total loss. GAP coverage is offered to all members when financing an auto at the credit union at a much lower cost than a dealership.  

As an added benefit, members making a valid claim also receive a $1,000.00 check towards the purchase of a new auto financed at the credit union.

***Must be a loan from another financial institution. Must qualify for the loan. Membership required.

VISA® Credit Cards

Carolina Foothills is proud to offer a VISA® platinum card that puts purchasing power in your pocket! By carrying our VISA® Card, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Scorecard Rewards Points that can be redeemed for a variety of items or savings

  • Up to 25 day grace period

  • Cash advance rates that are affordable

If we notice a purchase that is inconsistent with your purchasing pattern, we’ll call to verify that you are aware of the transaction being made to your card.

For more information on our credit cards, contact us at the credit union.

Personal Loans

We offer Personal Loans starting as low as $100.00 with very affordable rates.

Overdraft Protection

Never bounce a check again with our Overdraft Protection. We’ll cover the check, and you won’t incur any insufficient funds fees!

Credit Insurance – Protect Your Family

Credit Life, Joint Credit Life, and Credit Disability Insurance are available on all Carolina Foothills loans that give you and your family peace of mind.