Because it should never be about our bottom line…but rather, yours.

Share Account

Did you know that when it comes to credit unions, our members are our owners? That means the money we make doesn’t line the pockets of investors; it goes back to our members – you, and our community. Our Share Account is our most basic savings account; it requires $5.00 to establish and is your “share” of the credit union. When you have a Share Account, you’re an owner of Carolina Foothills FCU.

Separate Share Savings

Separate Share Savings allows you to budget out your savings. Saving for a trip to the beach? A new car? A rainy day? Separate that money into this account to keep budgeting simple. 

Money Market Account

A tiered dividend means the more you save the more you earn. This account features a minimum balance of $2,500.00. You can withdraw up to 6 times in a month.

Term Share Certificates

Invest with confidence where safety is insured. Choose from a variety of terms which offer competitive annual percentage yields (APYs). Open a Term Share Certificate with a minimum deposit of $500.00.

Individual Retirement Account

Take an active role in planning for your retirement years. Open your IRA with a minimum deposit of $5.00 and add to your account on a regular basis or with a single contribution each year.

Christmas Club

Make Christmas a special time with the help of our Christmas Club. It’s a painless way to save for gifts, year end expenses and holiday fun.  Dividends are paid annually on the last day of September and are ready for your withdrawal. This club auto-renews each year for your added convenience.

Youth Savings

  • Open to anyone under age 18

  • Receives a birthday card up to age 13

  • Receives $1.00 for every “A” up to $5.00 with a copy of their report card

  • May be linked to parents account

  • Access to online banking, mobile banking and MAMA

  • Earns interest with first deposit

  • May be charged a dormant fee if no activity in more than a year

  • Allows you to pick a toy from treasure chest with deposit

  • Includes welcome packet with budgeting tools and Carolina Foothills gift

Teen Checking

  • Open to members age 13-17

  • May be linked to parents account

  • Access to use online banking, mobile banking and MAMA

  • No interest

  • May be charged a dormant fee if no activity in more than a year

  • Eligible for “Keep the Change” program

  • Automatically rolls into Peak Performance at age 18